The REAL SOCIEDAD GEOGRÁFICA is the oldest geographical society in Spain. It was created in 1876 with the name of Sociedad Geográfica de Madrid, on the line of the ideas and trends flowing in other countries that thought that contacts among nations, colonial expansion, discoveries and Geography were a priority for nations and States.

Nowadays the Sociedad keeps the same objects of its creation although enlarged to modern space and environmental problems that have turned Geography into a priority strategical knowledge in any present learned society.

Its members are Professors, Teachers, Professionals and Technicians basically, all of them concerned by the geographical aspects of our world. The Society is publishing since its creation a journal, Boletín de la Real Sociedad Geográfica, which is the first and oldest geographical journal in Spain.

The Sociedad also promotes other scientific publications directly or in collaboration with other foundations and institutions. It also organises different activities and events, such as conferences, courses, or travels. Lately, it has celebrated in Madrid its 100 years of life with an exhibition and a programme of conferences and their corresponding publications.

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Earth Planet (VII Feria Madrid es Ciencia)

Oceans (IX Feria Madrid es Ciencia)



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